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Tigar tyres pricing, Kettering - Tel: 01536 411 314

Tigar is one of our best-selling budget tyre brands, representing good value and durability. Tigar tyres are manufactured specifically for European weather conditions and surfaces, offering great grip and stability whatever the weather.

The Tigar tyre brand is synonymous with reliability and state of the art technology ensures that the driver can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride at all times. Available in car, van and 4x4 tyres, choose Tigar and you are in safe hands.

All our Tigar tyres are very competitively priced and meet strict quality and safety criteria as well as conforming to all EU technical standards.

We offer customers a new range of top quality car, van and 4x4 tyres in a wide variety of sizes at extremely competitive prices. It's never been easier to find the Tigar tyres you need at the most competitive prices.

Car Tyre Model Prices from
(inc VAT)
Car Tyre Model Prices from
(inc VAT)
Tigar CARGOSPEED 90/ Y 40.06 Tigar CARGOSPEED104/ N 44.72
Tigar CARGOSPEED104/ N 73.68 Tigar CARGOSPEED104/ Y 57.26
Tigar CARGOSPEED113/ N 99.60 Tigar HITRIS 82H Y 32.48
Tigar HITRIS 93H Y 42.95 Tigar HITRIS A/S 80H N 45.04
Tigar HITRIS A/S 82H N 33.40 Tigar HITRIS A/S 85H N 62.77
Tigar HITRIS A/S 86H N 43.61 Tigar HITRIS A/S 86H N 58.03
Tigar HITRIS A/S 88H N 46.08 Tigar HITRIS A/S 88H N 62.60
Tigar HITRIS A/S 91H Y 42.08 Tigar PRIMA 82V>> N 63.01
Tigar PRIMA 85V>> Y 43.26 Tigar PRIMA 88V>> Y 35.90
Tigar PRIMA 91V>> N 63.92 Tigar PRIMA 95V>> Y 44.27
Tigar PRIMA>> 91V N 61.36 Tigar SIGURA 71T>> N 43.04
Tigar SIGURA 75T>> Y 29.33 Tigar SIGURA 77T>> N 49.06
Tigar SIGURA 79T>> N 42.34 Tigar SIGURA 79T>> N 50.65
Tigar SIGURA 79T>> Y 29.72 Tigar SIGURA 81T>> Y 31.56
Tigar SIGURA 82T>> Y 39.64 Tigar SIGURA 82T>> Y 31.79
Tigar SIGURA 84T>> N 33.34 Tigar SIGURA 86T>> Y 34.64
Tigar SIGURA 88T>> N 57.79 Tigar SIGURA 91T>> Y 39.19
Tigar SYNERIS 101W X Y 49.36 Tigar SYNERIS 87V Y 39.19
Tigar SYNERIS 87W Y 41.50 Tigar SYNERIS 91W XL N 73.38
Tigar SYNERIS 91W>> N 69.18 Tigar SYNERIS 91Y N 78.00
Tigar SYNERIS 92Y XL N 77.56 Tigar SYNERIS 93V N 55.94
Tigar SYNERIS 93V XL N 68.20 Tigar SYNERIS 94W Y 46.72
Tigar SYNERIS 94W XL Y 52.07 Tigar SYNERIS 94Y XL N 77.23
Tigar SYNERIS 95Y XL N 85.68 Tigar SYNERIS 97W XL N 58.01
Tigar SYNERIS 98W XL Y 46.68 Tigar SYNERIS 99W XL Y 47.22
Tigar SYNERIS 99W XL Y 46.36    

Headlands are a Blackcircles Premier Garage

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